In-Canada Protection Services

sponsorCanada offers refugee protection in Canada for those who fear persecution and who are unwilling or unable to return to their home country. MIIC strongly believes there is a fundamental need to protect and support people without legal status to ensure their human rights are protected.
MIIC provides them with access to services to ensure they are aware of their basic rights and are able to put forward a good case.
Our agency is able to provide on-site interpretation in over 40 languages which is expeditious in preparing claims. The In-Canada Protection Services department provides paralegal services to refugee claimants who do not have legal status in Canada.Staff prepares background materials, refer clients to lawyers, and generally assist lawyers with immigration and refugee law cases.
We help clients to look for temporary accommodation, work and other supports while they wait for their application to be processed and their claim assessed by the Refugee Board.

MIIC is the only not-for-profit agency in Manitoba that provides comprehensive services to refugee claimants.
In-Canada Protection Services Include

  • Providing information and assistance in making refugee claims and other In-Canada applications including: work permits, legal aid, pre-removal risk assessment, humanitarian and compassionate considerations.
  •  Facilitate access to lawyers
  •  Facilitate access to health services
  •  Facilitate translation services
  •  Facilitate access to other agencies as required
  •  Advocate for those seeking protection in Canada
MIIC has been providing paralegal service to refugee claimants for over 30 years
Each year In-Canada Protection Services supports over one hundred individuals and families.