Since the beginning of 2017, Welcome Place has provided assistance to over 200 refugee claimants including expectant mothers, children and infants from over a dozen countries. If these numbers simply stay the same, we’ll see 1000 refugee claimants needing assistance in the next year.
Welcome Place staff have worked tirelessly to pick-up asylum seekers at the border. Staff ensure arrivals receive appropriate medical assistance, warm clothes, a meal and a place to stay.
Welcome Place is equipped with over 30 languages available to provide translation, a relief in the first day of their arrival. We then assist them in finding short term accommodations. Our organizational expertise is to provide the requisite para-legal services ensuring that all documents are filed within the very strict timelines set by the refugee hearing process. We support these individuals providing referrals to other agencies and social/emotional support up to the time of their Immigration and Refugee Board hearing, a process of approximately two month.

With global attention and a grant of $110,000 from the Government of Manitoba , Welcome Place has been able to raise enough funds to support a dedicated program with proper staffing and supplies for almost six months.
We need to raise enough funds to sustain the program for a full year.

We have a $300,000 shortfall which is the campaign’s goal.


I Am A Business Owner, How can i Help?

Donor Match Program

Participating in a donor match program: We can promote your commitment and create a campaign to match donations on your behalf.

Donations In Kind

There may be services and goods that you supply that may be of use to our program and can defer costs. Another option may be a discount for the same services and goods that will reduce our program delivery costs.

Gifts for Auction

We can accept gifts of products and services which we can earn income off of in auctions at future events.

As a business what you can expect in return?

  • All corporate donations will be recognized on the and the websites
  • Donations of $10,000 and higher will have their logo on the websites and will receive a Certificate of Appreciation as well as verbal recognition at fundraising events associated with this campaign and when possible as part of media interviews and/or public presentations
  • Donation of $5,000-$9,999 will have their logo on the websites and receive a Certificate of Appreciation and verbal recognition at fundraising events associated with this campaign
  • Donations of $1000 to $4999 will have their logo on the website and receive a Certificate of Appreciation

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If you have an upcoming event that you want to have a representative from the #OpenYourHearts campaign to speak at, request a speaker,and we’ll contact you.

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How Do I Start?

If you haven’t already been in touch with a member of our fundraising committee, please reach out to one of our members.
We’ll be happy to meet with you, provide you more information on Welcome Place, the Campaign and work with you on getting the most value out of the commitment you’re willing to make as an OpenYourHearts Campaign Cabinet Member.


Colin Dorrian
Fundraising Chair

Narendra Mathur
Fundraising Committee Member

Bruce Waite
Fundraising Committee Member