The Private Sponsorship Program (PSR) represents a response from Canadians who want to protect refugees through resettlement in Canada. The Private Sponsorship Program is designed to work directly with community groups and refugee claimant clients to reunite families through Private Sponsorships. The PSR Program allows refugee newcomers who have established in Winnipeg, through their churches and ethno-cultural organizations, to reunite with family members left behind in dangerous situations. This process allows agencies who have contacts with the Government of Canada (Sponsorship Agreement Holders) to submit applications from Constituent Groups (churches/ethno-cultural organizations) on behalf of Winnipeggers.

The families, constituent groups, and sponsorship agreement holders take full responsibility for support of the new arrivals for their first year.

Sponsorship Services enables refugees to be sponsored to come to Manitoba, and assists families to be reunited with their relatives from overseas.
As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), MIIC works with constituent groups to complete and submit applications for sponsoring family members left behind in refugee camps and other unsafe environments.
As part of MIIC’s Education and Community Services, the Sponsorship Program provides support to sponsor, educate, and integrate refugee newcomers. This work includes orienting constituent groups who sponsor refugees about refugee needs/services available. We work with the group or an individual family to educate and train them with basic information and settlement services they need to provide when their loved ones arrive in Manitoba.


Services provided under sponsorship program include:


• Notice of Arrivals (NATS)
• Open Client files
• Provide Orientation services
• Provide Information on settlement-related services to CG groups and the family links in order to carry out their sponsoring role successfully.

• Encourage and support Manitoba groups sponsoring refugees
• Support with applications
• Application status updates
• Complete Add Dependent forms

• Sponsorship terminations
• Provide refugees with a welcoming environment
• Emotional support