Settlement Services

The refugee’s first home in Canada as they transition to permanent housing is Welcome Place Residence. We offer hope at the end of their long journey. Many refugee newcomers travel alone. Moving to a new country is never easy. Refugees have left behind their homeland, families, friends and social structures and need to establish new connections in Canada. Often, the people they meet through their stay at Welcome Place become like family.

Settlement Services assists and helps refugees in to settle and integrate into their new country by providing services that are required upon arrival. Settlement Counsellors welcome and assist newly arrived refugees and refugee claimants in their settlement and integration. Services include:

  • Receiving government assisted refugees at the airport
  • Assisting to establish a settlement plan
  • Providing information and orientation about life in Canada
  • Referral to community services (i.e. housing, English classes, employment counseling, health, financial supports, legal, etc).
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Form filling assistance
  • Informal counseling
  • Advocacy and support
  • Information about Provincial and Federal Government services such as healthcare and social services.
The Settlement Department is the largest department at MIIC.
Each settlement staff member manages an average of 50 active cases
Services are offered in 31 languages, often catering to many high need clients.