Life Skills Trainers provide knowledge of life in Canada and connect the refugee to the community. As part of Settlement Services, the Life Skills Training Program supports our clients in acquiring practical life skills and Canadian practices.
Our Life Skills Trainers work an average of 25 – 30 hours with clients to provide basic life skills training across a variety of areas.

All services are provided to our clients in their first language.

Services provided By Life Skills Department

Foster Client’s Independence by teaching Basic Living Skills

Neighborhood Orientation & transportation – Services Include:
  • Public transportation
  • Services in their neighbourhood
  • Local climate
Provide personal finance help in areas such as :
  • Budgeting
  • Setting up an RESP account
  • Smart shopping
  • Using ATM, including currency, debit card and writing cheque
Provide Information regarding emergency services
  • Safety measures (Child, Fire, Food, Pedestrian, Winter)
Accommodation Maintenance
Nutritional activities as per Canada’s food guide
Follow up and assessment at their permanent accommodation