” I have been following the news stories about the asylum seekers that that the community of Emerson has been helping as they come across the border having braved the very challenging winter conditions. With all the discouraging news coming from south of the border, reading about your generosity and openness is very encouraging and a reminder of the values that our Canadian society hold dear. Though it is not possible for me to be there physically, I hope this donation can help you in your efforts. Thank-you so much for all you are doing, ”

Beaupre, QC

1200 characters is not enough to describe how important your work is. Thank you for helping.

Winnipeg, MB

Asylum seekers fleeing persecution and seeking better lives need Canada’s help urgently. Thank you particularly for helping those crossing the US border into Manitoba.

Winnipeg, MB

Bless you for helping those less fortunate. This is what faith is about!

Owen Sound,ON

A small token of my appreciation for the work you are undertaking on behalf of all of us.


Bless you as you continue to bless others….your work is vital to so many….be proud of what you do for those who need it the most….thank you for reaching out to us for help….Peace…

Allan and Simone

After hearing (on the CBC) about the surge in refugees needing assistance and the lack of funds, we chose to what we could afford. We sponsored a Kosovar family during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. I hope this small amount goes to helping yet another refugee family. Thanks for all you do.