I am the granddaughter of refugees. I taught English to immigrants for many years. My heart goes out to all who suffer, especially those who are now fleeing the USA for refuge in Winnipeg.
ou so much for all you are doing, ”


I can’t afford much right now, but you are all making me feel so very proud to be a Canadian.


I heard about the influx of Refugees crossing into Emerson from the US. As a Canadian, I need to help.


I heard of your good work on CBC Radio this afternoon and wholeheartedly support what you do. These $$ may help.


I can’t imagine the stress you all must be experiencing now; I also know how significant and important the work always is, especially in these pressured times. You are in my prayers.


I hope my contribution helps in your work with the refugees heading to Manitoba from the States. It is a small thing but I give with a heart of welcoming and love.


I did my UofW IDS co-op placement with MIIC’s social club, and stayed on as a volunteer until moving from the City. It was a very rewarding experience and I met so many inspiring, kind and courageous people through being involved with the social club. Thank you for helping newcomers to get off to a good start!