” Born and raised in Manitoba, now living in Ontario, I salute your hard work to welcome and help refugees from the US.


I am from Britain. I have seen the awesome photograph of Canadian Mounties welcoming refugees who have walked from the United States. I then discovered that your funds are running low. I am happy to give you a small donation. If you were to try to get some publicity in the UK, I am sure that many of my compatriots would also try to help out with a donation. Thank you for all that you are doing. Canada is special.

Handforth, Wilmslow Cheshire

Grateful for all of your work with refugees, especially with the recent increase coming from the US.

Vancouver, BC

I am an attorney in California. I have represented refugees making application for asylum in the US. I read about the work you are doing for refugees fleeing the US. I’m so happy there is a place for the refugees in Canada.


Hi, I just saw a representative from your organization on a CBC live video, sitting with someone from Emerson, talking about the influx of refugees coming across the border. I believe in what you do and want to support your efforts. Thank you for helping refugees and new immigrants and thank you for standing in solidarity with “ordinary” Canadians like the folks in Emerson who recognize that we need to help each other. I know my donation is small but I hope it helps in some way.


Hope this little donation helps you keep up the good work helping the refugees.


I am the daughter of people who found refuge in Canada, and the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor. I am horrified by the state of the world, and am heartened by anyone showing humanity in the current situation.

Victoria, BC