New coats distributed to new Canadians

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Adebusola Abiola Adeniyi, who came from Nigeria to Canada this summer, went to Sun Youth last week to get new coats for her and her three children. Photo: Jennifer Cox/The Suburban

The line-up was out the door at Sun Youth last Wednesday, Nov. 29, as people anxiously waited to get their cold hands on a brand new warm jacket. The Montreal organization worked with Quaker Canada to give more than 1,000 new coats and snowsuits to first-time Canadians.

Adebusola Abiola Adeniyi came over from Nigeria with her three children, ages 10, 12 and 14, this past July, and came to Sun Youth upon her arrival to get help finding a home, food, and a job. Since then, she has been volunteering for Sun Youth as well as Welcome Hall Mission and the Salvation Army. She came back to Sun Youth last week to get coats for her entire family.

“I came in as a refugee this summer and I was baffled by the love and affection I got,” she said. “You don’t just accept us but you clothe us and feed us. And all I could think was, ‘How can I give back and payback and show appreciation and help people?’”

In addition to her volunteer work, she was excited about several recent job interviews that she had gone on, and she is looking forward to starting French classes in January. Her children, too, were in awe of their experience so far in Canada. “They ask me all the time, ‘We’re staying here forever, right?’” said Adeniyi, who is still waiting for her husband to come to Canada, as he is still in Nigeria.

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