Raped, beaten and tortured: Former ISIS sex slave on her journey to new life in Canada

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Adiba stands in front of a Canadian flag and a picture of a missing family member that hang in her Richmond Hill, Ontario home. July 2017. (Marlene Leung/CTV News)

WARNING: Some of the details may be distressing to readers.

By the time she was 25 years old, Adiba* had been bought and sold six times by Islamic State militants in Iraq. The first was in August 2014.

A month later, she was bought by another ISIS militant who waited just three months before selling her to another man who tortured and raped her. The five months Adiba spent in his captivity was the longest amount of time the Yazidi woman was with any of her captors.

In the approximately nine months that followed, the buy-and-sell scenario was repeated another three times with different men.

Adiba said she felt dead inside every time she was sold like chattel, forced to live in captivity in various houses and apartments throughout the Iraqi city of Mosul.

She was forced to subsist on scrounged garbage scraps, eating off the same floors where she slept. She drank water from toilets.

“They raped me. They beat me. They tortured me,” she said through a translator. Adiba finds it difficult to talk about her past as an ISIS sex slave. But she’s decided to open up about her harrowing experiences in an exclusive interview with CTV News, in the hopes of compelling the Canadian government to do more to help the thousands of Yazidi women and girls still enslaved by ISIS.

In the winter of 2016, after three months as servant and sex slave to an ISIS fighter named Amin, she caught a break.

It was just after lunchtime and Adiba was cleaning while her captor and his family were in another room. She seized on the chance to escape, despite the risk.

“I didn’t care if I got caught. I didn’t care if I lived or if I died,” she recounted.

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