Canada should be proud of immigration record

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Recently, there has been much discussion about immigration into Canada, particularly as it relates to refugees — both crossing from the U.S., or those from Syria. It is important to note that every country has its own unique capacity to accept immigration, which is called the absorption rate. This is not the ability of a country to assimilate people, but rather to allow these new groups to obtain jobs, find housing and obtain education — in short, to build a life.

In Canada we celebrate our diversity, and no one expects immigrants to give up their culture. For the most part, newcomers work harder and are involved in less crime than native-born Canadians.

There are several countries that are outstanding in their ability to accept and absorb new immigrants and refugees (not just temporary foreign workers): Australia, where 27.7 per cent of the population is foreign-born; Canada, with 20 per cent; New Zealand at 24 per cent; and the U.S. at 14 per cent (the U.S. accepts by far the largest number of immigrants).

It is worth noting that all of these countries are predominantly English-speaking; Germany is the highest-ranking non-English-speaking country, at 14.9 per cent; however, this includes their guest workers and those “Germans” who were repatriated after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Very few countries in the world can come close to matching Canada’s generosity and openness to newcomers.

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