Teen Syrian refugee who survived bombing of her home has long road to recovery in Winnipeg

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Maryam is a 13-year old Syrian refugee who survived the bombing of her home in the city of Idlib in 2015. She arrived in Winnipeg last year as a government-sponsored refugee. (CBC)

A 13-year-old refugee who fled to Canada after surviving a bombing in Syria still has a long road to recovery — and she’s going through that recovery without her parents, who are still in her home country.

In some ways Maryam is like many typical teenage girls — she likes to wear pretty dresses, jewellery and nail polish. But she often wears a scarf and long-sleeve shirts to hide the scars all over her body.

“I didn’t remember anything. I just remember being in a hospital and in shock,” she said.

In January 2015, Maryam — who doesn’t want her last name revealed because she worries about the safety of her parents in Syria — and her six-year-old sister, Diana, were sleeping in their bedroom when a bomb fell on their home in the city of Idlib.

Her sister died in the blast.

Maryam survived but she suffered burns to 80 per cent of her body. The blast also took out the fingernails on her left hand, and she has lost feeling in her thumb.

“The doctor came to take off my bandage and I cried, I just cried,” she said.

The burns were so severe that doctors couldn’t treat her in Syria, so she was sent to a hospital in Turkey, where she had 12 reconstructive plastic surgeries.

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