CBC hosts fiery town hall on asylum seekers in Canada

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Abdi Ahmed of Immigration Partnership Winnipeg speaks with CBC Information Radio host Marcy Markusa at the CBC Asks town hall. (CBC)

Ali Saeed sits in a crowded atrium at the RBC Convention Centre Wednesday night, nodding his head up and down, agreeing with one of the speakers at a CBC-hosted town hall on the increase in asylum seekers crossing into Canada and the dollars and sense of accepting more refugees.

Saeed, a refugee himself over 30 years ago when he came to Canada from Ethiopia, is listening to another refugee talk about the fears of being a refugee.

They’re fears Saeed knows all too well.

“First of all, nobody wants to be a refugee. We have to make it clear, we have a reason why we’re fleeing from our own motherland, why we’re fleeing from own country,” Saeed said.

“Do you think anybody wants to have luxury life by sacrificing their feet and the fingers, their kidneys removed by knife to help them be sold? No. Nobody wants to experience that kind of nightmares.”

Saeed was one of many from the audience that joined the conversation, part of a series called CBC Asks hosted by CBC Manitoba.

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