‘We are never going to forget them’: 10 years on, Raza family grateful for sanctuary in Winnipeg church

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Rubab Raza was 17 years old when her family gained residency status. (CBC)

Ten years ago a family that sought asylum in Winnipeg found it at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church.

The Raza family ended up living in that church for 18 months while they were fighting a deportation order to Pakistan.

“In our hearts we are never going to forget them,” said Rubab Raza on CBC’s Information Radio.

The 24-year-old now lives in Ottawa with her parents and five other siblings.

With the surge of asylum seekers coming into Manitoba, she uniquely knows the struggles of trying to live in Canada when your future is uncertain.

From January until April 8, resettlement workers say they’ve helped 360 people who have crossed into Canada at Emerson, Man.

“Honestly, I know if I were in their shoes I would probably do the same thing. I know my parents would do the same thing,” Raza said.

“My parents, I know nothing matters more to them than the safety of their children and they are willing to do anything to give them that security in life so they are protected and they won’t be harassed for who they are or where they are.”

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