‘Pretty steady’ flow of people irregularly crossing border: Reeve

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More asylum seekers, including families with young children, continued to cross the border near Emerson in recent days.

Reeve Greg Janzen said 11 people irregularly crossed near Emerson Friday in different groups.

Saturday, he said the crossings appear to be happening on a more regular, almost daily basis.

“They’re coming pretty steady,” he said.

Frank Suderman runs the Maple Leaf Motel in Emerson. He said around midnight Saturday he found a family of three from Honduras huddled in the hotel. Suderman said he let the man, woman and little boy warm up before going to the Canada Border Services Agency for processing.

Suderman said a family who travelled from Denver and illegally crossed the border Thursday night paid for a room at his hotel Thursday night after being processed at the CBSA. He said the man, woman and little girl were picked up and made their way to Welcome Place in Winnipeg.

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