Asylum seeker who nearly died crossing Canadian border released on conditions

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Mamadou has been released on certain conditions but still faces deportation to Ivory Coast, his country of origin. (Steve Rukavina/CBC)

The Immigration and Refugee Board has agreed to release, with conditions, an asylum seeker who nearly died crossing into the country from the United States earlier this month.

Mamadou, 46, is originally from Ivory Coast, but had been living in the United States for ten years. He appeared Thursday at a detention review hearing at the IRB offices in Montreal.

CBC News is referring to Mamadou by his first name only because of a publication ban, which also prevents us from reporting the reasons why he fled his country of origin and why he is now seeking protection.

A New York cabbie until just weeks ago, Mamadou lived in a state of legal limbo.

When Donald Trump became president, he feared for his safety and fled north.

First he tried to enter Canada legally at the Lacolle, Que., border crossing, but he was turned back.

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